Hammond Yacht Club
Call Today! 219-659-9030
Commodore - John Botich Jr 
Vice Commodore - Brenda Kasch
Rear Commodore - Lou Bufano 
Secretary - Ellis (Greg) Godwin
Treasurer - Ivan Hansen
• Facilities Director - Bobby Wojnovich
• Finance Director - Denise Schreiber
• Entertainment Director - Jim Harrod
• Membership - Mark Boudos
Supporting Offices
Quartermaster - Barb Scherzinger
•        Power Fleet Captain - Jim Vos 
Sail Fleet Captain - Pat Reynolds

Bar Manager - Joannie Klodnicki
Board Meetings:

Generally the first Sunday of every month at 10am.

All meetings can be changed by 2 weeks. Some off season meetings may be virtual.

Hammond Yacht Club
731 Casino Center Dr.
Hammond, IN 46320